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Rod is pleased to be currently tutoring international participants in Advanced Course on Basics of Patent Drafting, which is one of many distance learning courses offered by the WIPO Academy in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Intellectual Property


Successful ventures often begin with a solid competitive advantage, which generally takes the form of intellectual property.  For many start-ups, that intellectual property may be the venture's only valuable asset.  Unless properly protected and exploited, the advantages provided by intellectual property assets can be quickly eroded by competitors. 

Whether you are a large corporation, a startup, an institution, or a independent inventor, we have the experience and expertise to help protect, enhance, and enforce your valuable intellectual property rights. 




Patents offer the strongest IP protection available.  By granting inventors the right to prohibit others from practicing their invention for a period of time, the patent owner alone controls the invention.

To be patentable, an invention must ultimately be novel and "unobvious" in light of what was already known to one of ordinary skill in the relevant art.  Once granted, the patent owner can prohibit others from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing anything that includes the patented invention.  We implement sophisticated strategies to maximize your protection.

We can help you decide if your idea is patentable.  If it is, we can prepare your patent application and prosecute it through the Patent Office.  We also have relationships with foreign patent practitioners to assist you in obtaining patent protection in foreign jurisdictions.  Our goal is to obtain broad protection that will protect your invention from competitors and enhance your business.



Trademarks protect the marks (including words, logos, color schemes, product designs and packaging) associated with goods or services.  There are various forms of trademark protection, all of which are earned through actual use of the mark in commerce.  We can review your proposed marks and advise you on appropriate protections.

The strongest trademark protection is a federally registered trademark.  It requires a detailed examination procedure carried out by the Trademark Office.  A mark cannot be federally registered unless it is used in association with goods or services in interstate commerce.  We can help protect your marks in the United States and around the world.

The strongest marks are those that are correctly used.  Even strong marks can become generic (and therefore worthless to you) through improper usage.  We can review your proposed mark and its usage to keep it strong.



Copyrights protect works of authorship from copying.  Such works include anything written or made, such as software code and databases, text, drawings, and works of art.  Like trademarks, there are various forms of copyright protection.  We offer advise for you to protect your works.

Trade Secrets


Trade secret protection keeps your secrets safe from others.  Anything can be protected as long as proper steps are taken to maintain secrecy.  If done correctly, a trade secret can last in perpetuity.  Your trade secrets can be easily lost, however, especially if the secret is not fully protected. 

There are often difficult decisions to make regarding trade secrets and patent protection.  Choosing one may preclude the other.  We can advise you on the best option for you.

Related Services


Our experience in intellectual property matters extends to licensing and opinions. 

We can advise you on strategies to best use your intellectual property.  That may include licensing your rights or acquiring the rights of others.  Regardless of the required technology transfer, we can help protect your interests.

It can be critical to that you are assured that your business is protecting its intellectual property and not violating the rights of others.  We can prepare legal opinions that meets those needs, including:

  • patentability, freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, and invalidity opinions related to your products and methods;
  • due diligence opinions related to technology being licensed or purchased; and
  • pre-litigation opinions to establish a factual and legal basis for an infringement complaint or an answer to an infringement complaint.



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The Johnson IP Law Firm offers legal advice limited to the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and related licensing and litigation.