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Rod is pleased to be currently tutoring international participants in Advanced Course on Basics of Patent Drafting, which is one of many distance learning courses offered by the WIPO Academy in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Septermber 16, 1926

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Rod Johnson's Patent Experience


Rod has a large range of technology experience in drafting and prosecuting applications for utility patents and design patents. Rod's clients have ranged from large corporations to small startups, institutions, and individuals.

Rod is experienced in the folowing technologies:


·         Business methods

·         Database systems

·         Data compression

·         Digital signal processing

·         Hardware architecture

·         Image processing

·         Internet hardware and software

·         Logic systems

·         Memory and caching systems

·         Multimedia systems

·         Neural networks

·         Software applications

·         User interfaces



·         Analog and digital circuits

·         Control systems

·         Manufacturing systems

·         Matrix display panels (LCD and LED)

·         Radar systems

·         Semiconductor device fabrication



·         Digital imaging

·         Lasers

·         Optical circuits

·         Optical lenses (refractive and diffractive)

Medical Devices:

·         Diagnostic systems

·         Imaging systems

·         Oxygen regulators and conservers

·         Surgical devices and procedures

·         Telemedicine



·         Analog and digital telephony

·         Electronic commerce

·         Network protocols

·         Video conferencing

·         Wireless communications


Green Technologies:

·         Energy optimization

·         Energy storage

·         Motor vehicle technologies


Pharmaceutical Technologies:

·         Biologically active compounds

·         Manufacturing systems and processes


Other Mechanical Devices and Designs: 

·         Chambers and conduits

·         Product integration and packaging

·         Rapid prototyping machines (3-D printers)

·         Tools

·         Toys




Johnson IP Law

High-Quality Patent Protection


Rod Johnson has extensive experience prosecuting high-quality patent applications in a diverse range of technologies, in the United States and in foreign jurisdictions.  His experience includes utility patents and design patents.